What does your vision of retirement look like?

How do you picture your retirement days being spent? Do you see yourself lazing by the pool, good book in hand and frosted glass by your side ready to enjoy? Or perhaps your vision includes long walks in the countryside, enjoying mountain or riverbank vistas? Or you’re on the beach, soaking up the sunshine (protected by sunscreen of course!) and listening to the waves lap the shore?

Gateway Lifestyle operates over 50 communities from Rockhampton in Central Queensland to Victor Harbor in South Australia.
The land lease living model is an appealing aspect of living at a Gateway Lifestyle community, with no entry or exit fees and no complicated contracts.
This model allows residents to purchase a home at a lower price than traditional housing options, and the weekly site fees are often eligible for Commonwealth Rent Assistance.

It also means residents can free up capital that was previously tied up in land and use it to travel, take up new hobbies, or towards their retirement.
Living in a Gateway Lifestyle community offers residents the opportunity to live in a safe, friendly community with the added comfort of owning their own home.

Not all residents are retired, though. Mandy and her husband Brian live at Valhalla by Gateway Lifestyle, in the NSW Central Coast’s Chain Valley Bay. They’re both still working, although Mandy will retire this year to look after her mum, who also lives with them.
“When mum and I visited Valhalla we loved the space and the sense of peacefulness here,” Mandy says. “I brought Brian with me for my second visit, and he loved it so much we put our deposit down then and there.”

Mandy says she and her mum are slowly getting involved in more community activities, including aqua aerobics and lawn bowls.
“There’s always something to do here, but you can get involved as much or as little as you like.”
Then you have residents who are keen to explore the world once they retire.

Roy at Salamander Bay loves the freedom of being able to lock his door and head off on trips, knowing his home is secure while he’s away.
“Within a month of moving in, I packed, locked the front door and headed off to Paris,” Roy says. “It was my first overseas trip, and since then I’ve been to Canada and Alaska, and South Africa is next on the list.”

Kicking back and enjoying their new home is also an option for residents.
Rae and Tom are some of the first new residents at Ballarat by Gateway Lifestyle in Victoria, moving into their home in November 2017. They’ve spent the past few months landscaping their garden and settling in to their new home.

“We love the aspect here, and that it feels like an old-fashioned village in a way,” Rae explains. “Even though we’re a small community so far, everyone is so friendly and it makes for a really nice place to retire.”
Gateway Lifestyle CEO Trent Ottawa says, “We’re finding that a high proportion of our residents, working or retired, are moving into our communities to free up capital.”

“The quality in lifestyle and affordable cost sees a lot of our residents living the sort of life they’d always wished for. We have lots of residents that travel and appreciate that they can lock up and leave and feel secure in doing so.”
“I often meet residents in my travels around our communities who are still working part time and spend the rest of their time enjoying the lifestyle that freeing up capital has enabled.”

New Gateway Lifestyle projects are due to launch in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria over the next six months, and the company has a growing pipeline of projects into the future. With statistics like these, you know you are in the best of hands when you choose to reside in a Gateway Lifestyle community.

Mr Ottawa says the company has big plans for Australia over the next year.
“We look forward to providing more quality communities for over 50’s, and helping more people find the home and the community atmosphere they’ve been searching for and can now afford.”

Visit gatewaylifestyle.com.au for more information.