Together, we will find the perfect hearing solution for your lifestyle.

bloom™ hearing clinics are staffed by fully qualified and accredited hearing specialists and dedicated customer service staff. Our service exists for all Australians, with a focus on people over 18 years of age with a hearing condition.

We believe better hearing starts with listening. That’s the bloom™ approach. It is what you’ll experience in our clinics too. Our team understand the value that we can provide to the entire local community through proactive hearing assessments and discussion around hearing loss and treatment.
At our clinic in Port Lincoln, our resident audiologist Danielle Godden believes that the most important aspect of their customer service is listening to their clients. “It seems simple but by taking the time to listen to our clients, we are able to gain as much information as we can about their needs and the emotions they are experiencing in relation to their hearing loss” says Danielle.

“In doing this, we can work with the client to plan the best hearing solutions for them whether it be ongoing monitoring of their hearing or proceeding to a hearing aid fitting”.

Danielle loves her job and in particular difference she and the team at bloom™ hearing specialists Port Lincoln can make to so many local lives. “The most enjoyable part of this job is simply, making a difference” she says.

“Hearing loss can be a challenging topic for a lot of people. Because hearing loss can be so gradual, clients are often not aware of what they are missing out on day to day that make life interesting and fulfilling, so seeing them engage and converse with their family and friends again – without any barriers - is such a rewarding outcome”.

At bloom™ hearing specialists we’re committed to forming sustainable and beneficial relationships with community groups, retirement villages and aged care facilities to provide information and advice whilst driving awareness around hearing loss and the improvement that treatment can make to someone’s quality of life.

All of our clinics have long-time relationships with local retirement villages, golf clubs and community groups, as well as local medical clinics and visit regularly to provide information sessions and free screening tests. These visits are part of our ongoing support to hearing aid wearers, and they also provide nursing home staff with advice and tutorials regarding instruction on insertion of hearing devices as well as cleaning/managing them to ensure clients get the best out of their hearing devices.

We have 57 clinics across the country and we also actively and regularly visit and consult in over 200 locations across the country. We are absolutely committed to taking high quality, expert hearing care across the country, including regional Australia, and aiming to provide support and advice for as many Australians dealing with hearing loss as we can.

In the nation’s capital we have clinics at Canberra and Deakin who both specialise in quality customer service for the hearing impaired through a full range of services like hearing health assessments as well as hearing aid fitting, ongoing maintenance and advice as well as rehabilitation.
“We specialise in finding the perfect hearing solution to suit our client’s needs and lifestyles” says Sanyo Suvarna our clinician at Deakin. “Our focus is on listening to what the client’s needs are and together planning a hearing solution which will keep growing with the client. We encourage our clients to give us honest feedback about concerns or problems they are having, this helps us to find a solution as quick as we can”.
Our clinician at our Canberra clinic, Kieran Cullinan is also keen to point out the additional services available that extend beyond the traditional perception of what hearing care is and can be.

“We can also help with impressions for musician plugs and sleep plugs as well. We can cater for custom fit ear pieces and recently we have had the amazing IQ Buds from Nuheara launch in our Canberra clinic. They have the ability to enhance your ability to hear speech in crowded restaurants, pubs, work environments or parties, while also providing the technology to answer your phone calls and listen to music via wireless streaming”.

“Watching my client’s faces when we make an improvement to their hearing is remarkable, equally so when just putting their mind at ease through a no-obligation free consultation about something that may be concerning them with their hearing”.

Serving the local community for 15 years, Huon Clough from our Rosebud clinic in Victoria, is well and truly an expert when it comes to hearing.
“I wear hearing aids myself which makes me able to relate a lot more to the customer,” said Mr Clough, an audiometrist for thirty years.
“The thing about bloom™ that is different is the customer is the primary focus. They are a name and not a number. We take a very personal approach to it all and at the end of the day it’s about customer satisfaction. On our national point scoring reports, we have had the most consistently highest customer satisfaction rate in the country.”

And Mr Clough is delighted with the progress of hearing aids over the years, being able to help more people with this important sense.
“The hearing aids are a lot smaller and clearer these days. When it started in 1985 the hearing aids were all analogue and they made one decision a second, making soft sounds louder and loud sounds louder. That didn’t change until about 1998 when digital technology came in. We thought it was amazing that the new hearing aids back then made 100,000 decisions a second, but now they make 600 million calculations per second, and they talk to each other the left and the right one 21 times a second,” said Mr Clough of the progression of hearing aids. “What that actually means is that the hearing aids are automatic and the microchips inside are so miniature they adapt to noises in the room. They will pick up when it’s quiet and when it’s noisy, and adapt.”

Mr Clough says at bloom™, they get people of all ages needing assistance. “The new hearing aids absolutely change people’s lives and we are proud to say we are the first to get this new technology so as the improvements happen, we can offer them to our customers,” said Mr Clough.
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Together, we will find the perfect hearing solution for your lifestyle.