Tips from New Aged Caravans to ensure you enjoy your Caravanning adventure

Why Travel?
The ability to travel is not only a luxury, but can work wonders for your personal well-being.
Whether you’re traveling on a one-week family holiday, or have sold everything to engage in a life on the road, traveling can bring you happiness and freedom, providing new experiences and memories, allowing you to meet new friends from all over the country!
Australia offers some of the world’s most beautiful and angelic landscapes, so why not create a bucket list of places and experiences that will feed your soul.

Destination research
Caravanning gives you the freedom to travel wherever and whenever your heart desires, so taking a little extra time in researching and planning will definitely be in your best interests. Research in regards to climate, fire restrictions and regulations, local activities and facilities and pet friendliness will assist you in not only selecting the right destination for you but will help you know what you need to pack. If travelling with your family, researching into what will keep your kids entertained and having fun whilst being safe will ensure you get time to relax.

Towing and reversing
The thought of having to park and reverse your caravan especially with an audience has historically been a daunting experience but it doesn’t have to be! Before your trip, practice. Go to your local shopping centre carpark or practice reversing your caravan at home. Towing courses are also a great way to familiarise yourself with the fundamentals of towing and reversing your caravan and will ensure you are educated by professionals who will offer you the best advice. Confidence plays a major factor in towing and reversing so just remember to concentrate and focus.

Packing your van
This is a vital part of ensuring you have a safe and enjoyable journey. Pack smart and load evenly. When loading your caravan, as a general guide, heaviest items should be placed in the bottom centre with lighter items being distributed evenly on both ends of your van. This will ensure a smoother trip without comprising the safety of your tow. Plan out the majority of your meals and take on some of handy food storage tips such as freezing your food flat to fit more in the freezer and making use of your camping BBQ rather than carrying a variety of pots and pans. Don’t pack clothes you won’t wear, take a pair of thongs and a pair of runners/closed toe shoes, you are on holidays! No need for stilettos on the river! Don’t skimp out on the essentials, be sure to always have a first aid kit handy, sunscreen, bug spray, mini tool kit, torch and fresh drinking water just to name a few.

Food storage
Preparing a few meals in advance is a great time saver when caravanning. After hours of travelling on the road, cooking can be one of the last things you will feel like doing. Freezing some family favourites like spaghetti bolognese or a hearty beef casserole will leave you with time to sit and relax, taking in your beautiful surroundings!

On the road Food Tips:
-When planning a long trip, spend a day at home preparing some meals. Cook up a batch of your favourites that are easily defrosted and able to be reheated.
-Freeze your prepared meals or BBQ meat flat, this will not only optimize your storage space in the freezer but reduce defrosting time.
Stock up on practical & versatile foods which will give you the foundation to create a variety of meals.
-plan your meal menu for the duration of your holiday.
-Pay attention to quarantine laws and be aware of what foods you can cross the border with.
-Go back to basics, why not try toasting marsh mellows over the fire for dessert?
If a little bit of cooking is something you enjoy, New Age Caravans has you covered as the luxuries from home are with you on your travels with many of your kitchen cooking aids included in your caravan!

Travel Checklist
Utilise your travel checklist to ensure when you are packing, unpacking and travelling that you have covered off everything. Looking over items from tyre pressures to ensuring your hatches are closed and secure are all things that need to be checked for not only your safety but to avoid any little mishaps allowing you to do what you set out to do – enjoying your caravanning journey!

On the road fun
During the long car trips between destinations, you can find yourself and your kids repeating the dreaded question “Are we there yet?” Avoid boredom and be organised. Portal DVD players can be a life saver when travelling with children so bring along the kids favourite movies to ensure a couple of hours of peace and quiet. Books, magazines and portal gaming consoles are also a winner on long trips but why not engage in a game that the whole family can participate in with an old favourite of ‘eye spy’.

Enjoy the Ride
Caravanning is Australians most favourite way to holiday. Take photos, laugh a lot and enjoy each other’s company. Embrace the sights. Breathe in the fresh air and experience your Australia.